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Home From Concertino

starmalachite and I got home a little while ago. We were one of the houses that didn't lose power; when thelongshot called and offered to check in on the cats we invited him to camp out at our place if so (which we didn't know at the time). He tells us the cats were clingy and glad for the visit.

The con was a lot of fun, but I'm too busy falling asleep to comment on specifics.
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Con Crud

I picked up some kind of scratchy throat and headache bug that caused me to mostly miss Saturday at Shore Leave. I felt a bit better yesterday, and attended the con Sunday, but started to feel sick again after the Mystery Trekkie Theater presentation of "The Way To Eden". This was obviously cause and effect (I mean I probably should have gotten more rest).

I took a sick day, and seem to be throwing it off finally.
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Baltimore/DC Housefilk -- Sunday June 26, Randallstown, MD

(Notice from Steven Joel Zeve, also posted to starmalachite's LJ)

In honor of filker Dave Clement's visit from Winnipeg, Steven Joel Zeve & France Andrews are hosting a housefilk at their home this Sunday from 2PM till TBD.  Don't be shy if you don't perform -- we need audience members too!

Dave is a wonderful singer & guitarist, & a heck of a nice guy to boot.  If you've never met or heard him, do yourself a favor & come on by. 

Relevant info below, cut & pasted from the local housefilk mailing list:

Decadent Dave Clement is visiting, but he has commitments that
require to be back to Winnipeg before Contata, so we're having a
pre-Contata house filk this weekend.

Sunday June 26, 2011 starting @ 2:00pm

Directions appended below.

		Steven Joel Z.

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Kimba Face

ONOZ! The End Of The Noms Is Near!

Heidi (the elderly Maine Coon mix tortie) has a long-standing habit of complaining about the food bowl as soon as she can see the bottom, regardless of the amount of food still in it.

Kimba (in userpic) seems to have learned it from her over the past few months.
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It's Not The Noms, It's The Principle

After her latest vet visit, we've been giving Heidi (in userpic) glucosamine supplements. She's in good shape for a 15ish-year-old cat, but definitely starting to show her age.

The cats mostly get dry food, but the powder works best with soft food so that it will stay on top instead of falling to the bottom. Whenever we give Heidi her special meal, the other cats come crowding around to demand their share. I put some of the soft food aside for the purpose and offered it to the other cats... who turned their noses up at it and continued trying to get at Heidi's.

It could be something about the smell of the glucosamine powder, but I suspect it's just annoyance that one of the cats seems to be getting special treatment.
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Seems To Be My Day For Annoying Little Computer Issues

After the service call for the computer at work (see post from earlier today). I got a call from starmalachite that the desktop at home was making unaccustomed noises. From what I could hear over the cell phone (and remembered from a brief intermittent incident last week that I never got around to following up), it seemed like a fan issue. I suggested shutting it down until I could get a look at it.

When I got home and opened up the case, I found (eventually -- let's just say that it if karma works, the designer of the fan casings will one day have charley-horses in both hands that respond only to medication that comes in a triple-sealed childproof bottle) that a couple of the front fans had some dustbunny bits wrapped around the spindles. Also, the power connection to the main fain at the side was loose, so the front fans had to do all the work. The problem seems to be fixed (though, like the one at the office, it's one of those intermittent things that can't really be confirmed fixed for a while).
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Dear Tech Support....

...if the original problem was that my computer randomly reboots every once in a while, up to twice in one day, it doesn't do either of us any good to ask whether or not the problem has been fixed half an hour after the tech leaves. Try looking up "randomly" in the dictionary.


Strategy Session Map

Toronto Boardgame Cafe

An item from Toronto, by way of thelongshot :

New Board Game Café Welcomes You, But Not Your Laptop

Ben Castanie's new Koreatown café, at 600 Bloor Street West, just east of Palmerston Avenue, will emphatically not have free Wi-Fi. In fact, laptops and their attendant air of isolation are completely counter to what Castanie is trying to do. "I just don't want people sitting staring at their screens," he says. Then he starts explaining the system of categorization he'd used to organize his café's library of 1,500-plus board games....

With luck, it might catch on closer to here....
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The Wonders Of Modern Technology

From a Washington Post account of the latest snow mess:

Salt trucks that might have mitigated the effect of the fresh layer of ice were trapped in the same traffic jams that drivers were. And very quickly those trucks were stuck behind cars that were spinning their wheels on hills and buses with modern technology that caused them to shut down when they lose traction.

WTF? Why would anybody think that's a good idea?
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Just Plain Dumb Customer Webservice

1. As I finish converting my contacts over to my new e-mail address, I got to the Recycle Bank customer credit site -- which lets you change everything in your profile *except* your contact e-mail. That, you have to do over the phone. Great way to introduce transcription errors. (I set my username to my new e-mail address and told the rep to copy-and-paste that.)

2. I managed to misplace my copy of the Dominion rules. Fortunately, the publisher has a PDF of the rules on its website. Unfortunately, it includes the full-page background graphics, which are pretty when reproduced on a high-res commercial printing press but a text-blurring waste of ink/toner when reproduced on the kind of printers most people have at home. Fortunately, I have a PDF editor program and was able to strip them out (after which I decided to just manually copy-paste-and-reedit the base rules and the tweaks added in each expansion into one document, rendering the previous process moot).